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Natural Dyestuffs (list of products)

Every time we work on the development of new product to get a wide range of natural dyestuff extracts. So if you are looking for other extracts please ask our specialist Mr. Axel Waehling.

Natural dyestuff extracts


The extract von Weld (Reseda luteola) [picture] in standardised quality. The dyestuff is one of light fastness┬┤ for natural yellow. Wau-Color permit dyeing of different yellow and olive green shades. In combination with indigo for green.


The extract of Madder root (Rubia tinctoria) [picture] in standardised quality. One of the universal dyestuff extracts. The nuances reach from different red shades to violet, it is also usable for brown, anthracite and black colours. Only some dyers know the mystery of dyeing with Madder. If you use Mad-Color during some hours you have amazing results, where others needs some days.


The extract from Acadia catechu, a raw material of India or Africa. Cate-Color will be used for brown shades.


The product is a mixtures of different extracts. The result on aluminium mordent seems unnatural greenish, but is it natural like petrol green.


Fustic have used for hundreds of years und today it will be used in the leather industry. Fustic-Color is easy usable for sun yellow colours. The fastness is not so high like with Weld.


The third extract for yellow and olive shades also in combination with Wau-Color. Berries of Rhamnus spec (Rhamnus cart.) are the raw material for this special extract. In combination with Mad-Color you can reach Orange.


Campeche (Haematoxylum campechianum) is a well known natural dyestuff. We can offer different qualities of oxidised dyestuff extracts. Easy to dye are blue violet and black shades.


Quebra-Color is a source for tannins as auxiliary agent or as dyestuff.


Cochenille (Dactolopius coccus) will be used for the production of Coche-Color. Today┬ĺs carmine acid is a dyestuff for the food industry, in past a dyestuff for textiles for red, pink and grey colours.


Our Indi-Color is natural indigo powder with a high indigotin content. It is not a mordant dyestuff and used for blue, green and black.


Red-Color the extract of fernambuc wood (Ceasalpina. spec.) for red and brown nuances. Our Red-Color is a pure natural without synthetic auxiliaries.

Farbstoffextrakte - Dyestuff extracts
Resedaextrakt - Weld extract
Krapp, Madder samples
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