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business unit - Research and Development


Year Project
1991 BMWI1) Development of system solutions and processes for seizing and processing of wild fruits for new products for the healthy nutrition

1992-95 BMBF2)
Avoidance and utilization of waste in the leather industry - Development of chrome-free tanning agents and processes - processing rhubarb roots and production of extracts of tanning agents there of
1994 Schenk Filterbau Investigation of the storage stability of apple juices after PVPP-treatment
1995/96 BMWI1) Process development for the effective and ecological production of cleaning agents for the removing of hardness constituent on the basic of renewable resources contains fruit acids
1996/97 BMWI1)
Development of a process for the effective and ecological production of vegetable dyes from Polygonaceae
1996 CHEMA Rudisleben Process examination of the ultra filtration and electro dialysis of Jerusalem artichoke juice
1996-99 BMBF2) Development of vegetable dyes and tanning agents free of heavy metals
1997 LOGONA Development of a process for production of vegetable dye extracts and concentrates for the hair cosmetic
1997-01 BMELF3) Development of a technology for the dyeing of cellulose and protein fibres with local vegetable dyes;
project part “Development of optimised technologies for the processing of raw material, dye extraction and concentration
2002 – 04 Craft-Project Innovative products obtained from fruits of Sea Buckthorn
2003 – 04 TU Dresden Sample production of extracts of thistle seeds
2005 LOGONA Study of different plants as substitution for walnut shells
2000 – 05 Institut Fresenius Study of fruit and vegetable processing and production of samples for the estimation of plant protection products
continuously industrial
Development of processes, technologies and products, as well as
production of sample products, on the field of fruit and vegetable
processing and renewable raw materials
Federal Ministry of Economics
Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Technology
Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry
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